Having More Trouble Sleeping At Night? The EMF Guy May Know Why

By Clare Swinney

“If we ask the question, ‘Is technology really advancing human civilization?’  The answer ignores the fact that we know that electro pollution and light pollution are damaging to our biology and to just about every living organism”EMF Specialist, Andy Hooley,

“Radio frequency (RF) is a controlled form of electromagnetic interference (EMI).”
Steven Magee

If you have been having more difficulty sleeping than usual, you are not alone.    Kapiti-based EMF Specialist, Andy Hooley of Earthwaves.co.nz,  has been hearing from more people who are suffering from sleep disturbances lately.   Mr Hooley, who has studied under the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology (BBE) covering Electromagnetics, Electrobiology, Electrical Wiring and Building Sciences, provides a combination of detection and remediation services, to help identify EMF exposures and provide practical advice on elimination and reduction.

Andy Hooley, Earthwaves.co.nz

  Asked: “Have you been hearing from more people recently who are having greater difficultly having a good night’s sleep?”  he replied:   “Yes, I hear this all the time. But for different reasons, as I investigate a home. The usual suspects are that the electric fields are a problem, their grounding sheets cause issues, high levels of dirty electricity, (DE) (high percentage), WiFi bombarding them, etc. There are quite a few reasons. But also, this year from March (during lockdown, surprise surprise) many 700MHz cell transmitters also turned up the power by 7.5%.   I also think another factor is, we are spending more time indoors and exposing ourselves to the DE and other EMFs in our homes. There are many factors, but as I say in my talks, we are living in extraordinary times, with an increasing non-native EMF environment, we therefore need to do extraordinary things to offset the effects. If we don’t change our habits, as EMFs around us increase, we will suffer the consequences – first signs are sleep disturbances, dehydration, electrostatic shocks, heart racing, etc leading to anxiety etc.. you know the rest.”

Telecommunications companies are using higher and higher frequencies, as they can transmit more information, but the higher frequencies are more disruptive to biological systems.   Extremely low frequency (ELF) frequencies are can also harm health, such as electric and magnetic fields.   In our homes, we are often being exposed to electric fields, dirty electricity, radiofrequency radiation and more.   Our bodies are electrical and not designed to endure the constant stress of all the unnatural forms of energy which surround us.   The cumulative load of these harmful exposures and their cumulative duration, we need to become mindful of and protect ourselves against.



Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

The Truth About Wired and Wireless Technology – Dr Magda Havas

“If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla 1856-1943



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