Consumer NZ Magazine Fails To Inform Readers About 5G Despite Overwhelming Scientific Evidence

August 27th, 2019.

Consumer NZ magazine has had a reputation as a trusted consumer watchdog among many in New Zealand since it was established in 1959.  It has run campaigns to gain greater consumer protections, covered a multitude of issues from warning about tobacco being harmful to health, to internet scams and dodgy ticket resellers.  However,  their recent article about 5G (fifth generation wireless technology) reveals Consumer NZ is not as trustworthy and independent as they would have the public believe.

Haydn Green, “Tech writer”

Consumer NZ’s technology writer, Haydn Green recently wrote an article (Aug 19) titled deceptively: Why 5G Isn’t A Health Hazard,’  that was based on false and unsupported claims,  which created the unfounded impression that 5G’s safety has now been definitively established.   It has not.   Furthermore,  there was no mention that 5G is being rolled out without a single prior test to ascertain its implications for health or safety.

From Consumer NZs pages on Facebook.

Unfortunately, it appears that Consumer NZ has been corrupted like many other mainstream media publications by a collaboration with the telecommunications industry.   Note that it states on their ‘OUR WORK’ page, after an initial claim that they are independent, that funds for Consumer NZ (are not only from members subscriptions), but are also obtained from business programmes and contract work, mostly with government agencies.

Just as other fake news items on the topic of 5G have done,  Mr Green’s article created the false impression that those who oppose 5G are somehow ignorant and of low intelligence,  instead of portraying who they really are:  well-informed people, including scientists, some of whom are very knowledgeable about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Wrote Mr Green in  Why 5G Isn’t A Health Hazard, “The most common claim is 5G will harm you.  This seems to be based on a misunderstanding of electromagnetic waves and the energy levels of these signals…”

It is not based on a misunderstanding.  It is in part based on the health effects emerging from the last two decades of intense use of cellular phones, which is revealing the debilitating health effects, including severe headaches, insomnia, catastrophic drops in fertility, early onset dementias, among many others.

Many thousands of scientists have expressed their concerns about 5G in at least 50 appeals.  The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space alone at August the 2nd, 2019 had 134,458 signatories from 198 countries.

In addition, akin to other fake news on 5G, Mr Green claims incorrectly that: “Non-ionising radiation…doesn’t have a cumulative effect on the body…”     Non-ionizing radiation does in fact have a cumulative effect on the body.   There is a compilation on the negative biological impacts of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, particularly radiofrequency fields on biological organisms at Wireless Action, and there are 28,000+ studies at the EMF portal at the link here:

Reviews on 5G, millimeter waves and wireless, even from decades ago, have cataloged a host of harmful affects including altered gene expression, faster cell growth, inflammatory and metabolic processes, damage to the eyes and cellular stress, memory problems, behavior issues, brain damage, genetic damage and sperm damage.

Mr Green mentioned in his article that he got help from Dr David Krofcheck of the Department of Physics at Auckland University, who according to the University website has an interest in “Experimental high energy nuclear physics” and gamma-ray radiation, which arises from the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei.    Mr Green did not mention anything about seeking help from Dr Susan Pockett of the Psychology Department at Auckland University, who has actually studied the health impacts of wireless radiation, the topic that Mr Green was writing about.

Dr Pockett is recognised internationally and her article: ‘Public health and the radio frequency radiation emitted by cellphone technology, smart meters and WiFi’,  was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal in December last year.   In an interview with  in May she spoke about her legitimate health concerns about 5G and said: “Approximately 600 peer-reviewed research reports from a range of international scientists show us that radio frequency radiation is linked to infertility, diabetes, various kinds of cancer and psychiatric disorders,” she said. “The present situation is already bad and adding 5G on top of it will hugely increase the amount of radiation to which everyone is exposed and make the whole situation much worse.”    See:

Mr Green concluded his article by stating: “5G is not harmful.”

Instead of repeating industry-friendly falsities which belong in the dark ages, respect your readers Mr Green and provide them with facts.    At least demand that prior testing, environmental impact assessments and application of the precautionary principle be adhered to.   You should tell the truth or you may one day find yourself held liable.


Read: Why 5G isn’t a health hazard by Haydn Green (Aug 19, 2019)


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Consumer NZ also failed to warn its readers about the many pitfalls of having   a smart meter.


Above: Print screen from Vodafone website, showing a link to the same Consumer magazine article with claim that it is “independent.”



5 thoughts on “Consumer NZ Magazine Fails To Inform Readers About 5G Despite Overwhelming Scientific Evidence

  1. Grant Bridger

    My faith in this trusted friend has been severely eroded. HOW??? after what even little luddite me has researched can CONSUMER possibly be so shallow with a plethora of evidence from scientists, experts, medical professionals and tech savvy people of its dangers. Dig deeper!

  2. Grant Bridger

    I suggest yr readership will be severely compromised thru the lame attempt you have made over SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE. Cities, communities and even countries have banned the roll out of 5 until at least a moratorium has been organized and the dangers investigated and/OR EXPOSED. I will no longer be one of yr consumers until I see this lame travesty rectified. Yes..I’m bloody angry and even more DISAPPOINTED in Consumer and am networking this widely. Don’t shoot yr selves in the foot.

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